We have ENGINES.

We have many various and good quality ENGINES in our stocks for abroad, and we can arrange a 20F or 40F container to supply these ENGINES if you want.
For example, we have about 500 PCS of following ENGINES for each in our stock now.

1NZ, 1JZ, 2JZ, 2AZ, 3S, 4E, 5E, QG15, F23A, EJ20
1ZZ, QR25, 4S, 2MZ, EJ25, VQ35, 1AZ, 1UZ, D17, 3Y etc...

In addition to the above engines, we have many other ENGINES.
If you are interested in please do not hesitate to ask us from the “Inquiry” form.


We AUTO PARTS KOSHIN LTD. is located in Sanda city in Hyogo pref that is about 45 - 50 km far from OSAKA and KOBE city.
We buy approximately 16,000 cars in a year on average and treated them for selling parts in a domestic and for containers and for recycling. We are doing our best for an environmental protection and legal compliance in order to develop more.

We have exported auto spare parts to all around the world and done a business with over 30 companies for about 20 years.
We have a good experience of this business and would like to expand it more because we have many used cars and spare parts that are good quality. If you are interested in our company please check the details as above. We are seeking a long-term business relationship with a customer who can make regular container purchases.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us and...

Let's start doing business with us!!